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Amino Acid for Weight LossHave you ever heard of taking an amino acid for weight loss?

Everyone wants a magic pill for losing weight.

My friend at a local organic store had a phone call recently from a man asking if they had a pill for losing weight. She laughingly told me that she wanted to say, “It’s called eating less and exercising more.”

When people hear of a new fruit extract on tv that is the magic pill for weight loss, the orders inundate the call centers.

The promise of killing your appetite by sprinkling a powder on your food brings about another blockbuster seller.

Check out the ingredient that will help boost weight loss. Lose fat instead of muscle.Yet people continue to grow fatter and fatter . . .  and unhealthier.

Yes, Americans want to lose weight . . . BUT they want it to be easy. No sacrifice involved. No change of their eating habits or lifestyle.

There is something wrong with this picture.

Guess what? I have good news for you about a weight loss ingredient that is more scientific than magic.

A powerful nutrient that helps build muscle has been pinpointed by scientists.

Leucine is an essential amino acid that your body is not able to produce on its own.

Leucine has been determined to help maintain lean muscle mass according to Laurel Fisher, PhD Senior Director of Research at Shaklee Corporation.

Most of you are aware that pound for pound, muscle burns more calories than fat – and that is true even in your sleep.

Most low calorie diets result in losing precious muscle mass, making it easy to regain the weight once you stop dieting.

Rather, you need to hold onto your muscle while you burn fat by including leucine-rich foods in your diet, such as legumes, egg whites, nuts, seeds, asparagus, fish, and chicken.

Not only is leucine important to be eating, but you must also be eating it in a perfect proportion for enhancing the fat-burning ability of this amino acid.

amino acid for weight loss with leucineThat is exactly what the Shaklee scientists figured out for their effective weight loss products known as Shaklee 180. This proprietary leucine blend is found in each of the Shaklee 180 Life Shakes, meal bars, and snack bars & crisps.

The high protein content in them helps to keep one satiated too. That was one of my favorite parts. After all, I can’t “feel” the fat loss instead of muscle loss, but I can certainly feel that I am not hungry or grumpy when on the Shaklee 180 TurnAround Kit.

In a 12 week preliminary clinical study on Shaklee 180, all the study participants lost almost all their weight loss from fat while retaining nearly all of their lean muscle. A great proof of the power of leucine (remember – scientific, not magic!)

Also, the study participants lost an average of four inches around their waists and almost 3 inches from their hips – which is another indication of fat loss.

So if you are looking for that magic ingredient to turn around your size, consider scientific instead of magic.

The amino acid, leucine, is your answer for optimal weight loss.

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Health Disclaimer: This is my opinion and has not been approved by the FDA. Remember to seek medical advice from your health professional before starting any weight loss program.

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