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Check out this new way to measure age in this short video.

You know the main way to measure age is your biological age – from the day you were born.

Then there is what is called “real age” and that is where you answer questions about your lifestyle, body characteristics, fitness level, emotional health, etc. and then you are given your “real age.”
Sometimes it is lower than your actual age, but most of the time, it is higher. Yikes!

You can find a “real age” test here (but they call it biological age.)

Scientists have come up with another to measure age and that is our skin index age.

Learn about the four botanicals that work here.Learn the chemicals to avoid in your personal care products

Learn 8 criteria that determine your skin age.They used 8 criteria for determining a skin age index by testing more than 60 women ages 20 – 70. These 8 criteria were:

  • facial wrinkles
  • skin texture
  • pore size
  • hyperpigmentation
  • even skin tone
  • radiance
  • firmness
  • sagging

These world-class skin experts then created a regimen of products that were subsequently proven to be able to erase years of aging – and in 2/3rd of the pilot group, put their skin index into a younger decade!

The products are called YOUTH from Shaklee and are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The products boast of no harmful chemicals used and even include a list of 2500 chemicals that you will never find in YOUTH.


Anti-aging natural skin care, YOUTH, was 8 years in the making to ensure that these products would be the best on the market to help erase aging.

The key to having younger looking skin is to increase the time of cells regenerating. A baby’s skin cells renew every 14 days, but as you age, it takes 57 days for cells to regenerate.

Shaklee scientists task was to find botanicals that would do just that – increase the time of the cells renewing so that they renew faster.

You can get started with erasing a decade of aging in 30 days with your own YOUTH anti-aging regimen here.

All Shaklee products are 100% money-back guaranteed so there is no risk to try this out.

Check out my video on how to use the best anti aging skin care here. (But it is not rocket-science!)

YOUTH is the best anti-aging natural skin care around.