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I made a quick video to introduce you to a turn-key program that allows you to build an online health business using a computer and a phone.

Take a peek here:

Have you ever read a post today about ways to bring in more income?

You probably can guess what ideas were given: sell stuff, get a second job, reduce spending, take surveys, and other great advice like that which is definitely helpful.

However, authors often fail to offer one of the most shining opportunities that many folks are hopping onto right now and that is network marketing.

Don’t get my wrong – I know that network marketing is not for everyone. And I also know that a huge percentage of people who start network marketing never turn a profit.

But network marketing is being touted now as a viable vehicle for bringing in extra income, and even growing to replace your career income too.

Check out how to build an online health business with this free guide.

There are important things to consider when you are choosing a company to go with for network marketing. You can read about those here.

Another important factor to consider is “how will you find customers and distributors to join you without running after your family and friends?

Let me give a little caveat here though. I am a firm believer in offering (not chasing after) family and friends the products of one’s network marketing company if indeed the products will solve a problem for them – not for the reason of making a sale!

The products I market are like that. In fact, I would be very selfish if I didn’t offer them to someone I love when I see a need in their life that my product could most likely solve. (And if it doesn’t, they get their money back!)

But I digress.

In order to market a health business online, you need to attract your ideal customers to yourself.

This is accomplished through blogging, social media, participating in forums, and joining groups. That is a piece that each of us needs to do to reach more people.

But there is another piece that is necessary and that is you need to have a system where you can teach these prospects about the products and the health business opportunity so they have enough information to make an informed decision.

You need to have good pieces of content to share with the online world about your products and opportunity.

You need to have free ebooks with awesome content that people want to offer them so they can learn more about your company.

And you need to have good follow-up emails to continue to nurture that lead.

Wow! That’s a lot of “you needs.”

That is why I am loving this turn-key system specifically designed for Shaklee Health and Wellness business to use to help educate my prospects.

Check it out here, opt-in, and we will get connected.

I would love to take you through the 3 online classrooms so you can learn more about building an online health business.

Check out how to build an online health business with a turn-key system.