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6 tips for getting kids to take good vitamins so they can avoid sicknessThe Problem: Getting Kids to Take Good Vitamins So They Can Avoid Sickness

You are on a mission to get healthier and that includes your family’s health, so you have researched natural kids’ vitamins to find the best out there.

But you are frustrated because your kids don’t want to take them. Sound familiar?

Your problem could be the result of your child never taking vitamins before and they simply don’t want to start now.

Or it could bet that they have been taking an inferior vitamin, possibly loaded with sugar and binders.  They don’t like the flavor of the  higher-quality, natural supplement you want them to switch to. (Beware of “gummy” vitamins.)

Or, it could be that swallowing a pill (if they are old enough for that) isn’t their favorite thing to do, so it can even be challenging to get teens to take their vitamins. (Believe me, I know by experience.)

Whatever your situation, I want to give you some tips on helping to accomplish your goal of getting your kids to take the best vitamins for them and thus, improve their health during their youth.

Tips for Getting Kids to Take Vitamins:

#1: Use enthusiasm and positive persuasion to build up a happy anticipation of the new great vitamin. You can even try using a date in the future for further build up. “Next Sunday we are going to start your new, yummy vitamins! Aren’t you excited?”

Or if there is a milestone soon, use that for leverage: “You’re going to start preschool next Wednesday. Oh boy! That is when you also get to start taking your big boy vitamins.”

#2: Prepare beforehand to give the new taste the best chance of being accepted (especially if he has been used to a sweet, gummy, poor-quality vitamin). Be sure he has nothing sweet to eat or drink before taking the vitamin.

Clearing the tastebuds with milk is an option. Follow the new vitamin with a desirable “chaser” like a good tasting fruit juice, so that they associate the vitamin with the juice.

#3: Try giving a half portion to start with and build up to more. You can crush vitamins too and mix them into some food like applesauce.

But don’t spread them out in a full portion as that might accomplish the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish with getting kids to take vitamins. They might end up hating vitamins AND applesauce. (Remember that nutritional supplements should always be taken with food, not on an empty stomach.)

#4: Talk to them at their age-level about how these vitamins are going to help them build up strong and healthy bodies so they don’t get sick as much. Appealing to their reasoning is something you should be doing about most everything that you are teaching them, not just about getting kids to take vitamins.

Here is tip #5 for getting your kids to take good vitamins.#5: Grind it in a smoothie. For water-soluble vitamins like their multi-vitamin/mineral or Vitamin C, throw it into a smoothie that you are blending up for them.

#6: If all else fails, try the reward system (okay, otherwise known as bribery). To be able to enjoy dessert or whatever, they need to take their vitamin.

I have a friend whose children love their Shaklee Incredivites. She tells them they “get” to have a vitamin after they take their nap! Smart mommy.

Bonus Tip: Reinforce their success by telling someone else while in the child’s presence, of their great ability to take their vitamins.

For instance, while talking to Grandma on the phone, you can say, “Guess what? Tyler is doing such a great job taking his vitamins now. I think he is really maturing and I am so proud of him.” (This works for other behaviors you want to reinforce too, not just getting kids to take vitamins.)

Your end result will be kids who are eager to take their good vitamins AND will avoid sickness like never before!

She loves her Shaklee vitamins 

What has worked for you as you give your kids the best vitamins?

Remember that this post is not meant to treat, cure, or diagnose any illness and is the opinion of the author (me!) Check with your health professional for all your medical concerns.