How to Make Money Losing Weight

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How to Make Money While Losing WeightCan you really make money losing weight?

Let me rephrase that: Can you make money while you are on your weight loss program? What if you could be rewarded by sharing that program with other people in a monetary way?

Now we’re talking!

One of the biggest objections I hear to getting the best weight loss products available is “I don’t have enough money for that.”

I totally understand financial parameters and I address the “not enough money” objection in my e-report, “How to Turn Around Your Size in 90 Days with This Proven, Healthy Method.”

But putting the objection answers aside, I want to look deeper into the underlying main problem struggling in the area of income versus outgo.

Let’s makes some presuppositions here:

1. Let’s presuppose that Shaklee 180 really works and people who do the whole program will most likely lose 15 – 20 pounds in 90 days (and maybe more).

2. And let’s presuppose that we each know 9 people who would really like to turnaround their size and get healthier.

3. Now I want you to imagine those 9 people being 20 pounds less and having you to thank for introducing them to Shaklee 180. Imagine the phone calls, the hugs, the emails that you are getting saying, “{yourname}, thanks so much for sharing Shaklee 180 with me! I feel so energetic, my blood pressure has come down, and I love how I look. And I have you to thank for sharing these great products with me.”

Pretty sweet, eh? The only better feeling than getting healthier yourself is helping someone else get healthier. Puts a smile on my face just thinking about it.

You can absolutely be that person.

And you can bring in an income doing so.

Becoming a Shaklee 180 specialist is a turn key business opportunity where you can get on your own weight loss journey while offering the same best weight loss products to the ones you know who will be asking you what you are doing to lose weight because they want to do it too.

Bottom line: You can make money while losing weight!

Shaklee has set up the business to be as turn-key as they come.

There are marketing pieces to share the products with your friends and family in a very comfortable way. Then there is a dvd for a one hour that you can host offline. You can also host a turn around party online.

Imagine this: your 9 friends order the Shaklee 180 TurnAround kit and you also order it. Each turnaround kit has 200 pv attached to it. PV is personal volume and is attached to every Shaklee product. Commissions are paid according to the amount of GV you generate each month.  (By the way, GV means Group Volume which equals your Personal Volume or PV plus the Personal Volume of those under you.

With your 9 friends’ orders of 200 PV each plus your own, that is 2000 GV for you. Once you reach 2000 GV, you reach the first leadership level in Shaklee which is director. So for 2000 GV for TurnAround kits, your commission check would be about $400.

That’s amazing – with just 9 people getting the TurnAround kit.

Some enthused people are becoming directors with just one Turn Around party – so they reach a director level in the very same month that they join.

And it goes up from there. Once you are a specialist, you can also share all the line of Shaklee products with others. See the whole line here.

Next action: If you are interested in making money while losing weight and helping others to do so, contact me using the form on the right side so we can exchange information and see if this is something that would be a good fit for you.

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Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of a certain income as your success is dependent on your own efforts. I will be committed to coaching you to help you achieve success.


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