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help for dry, cracked skin

Does your dry, cracked skin make you think of a cactus?

Do you suffer with dry, cracked skin and blame it on the harsh winter weather or the time you spend in the pool or washing dishes by hand?

On the other hand, do you love a long, hot shower as much as my daughters do?

You will never guess this easy tip for helping with your dried, cracked skin!  

You can help to relieve cactus-like skin by switching to a short and warm shower or bath. Are you surprised? Okay, maybe not.  But let me elaborate.

I know – it seems like a long, hot shower is just what your body needs to get going in the morning, but it actually can take quite a toll on your poor skin. That is because hot water dissolves and then washes away protective skin oils in that outermost layer and the result is dehydration.

Does your skin feel dry and cracked? Check out this simple tip.Also, be careful how long you spend in the shower. Try to shower for less than ten minutes. (Even that seems long to me!) When you get out, pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it.

Dry skin causes cells to flatten and not accept moisture deep down where it is needed. Wrinkling occurs faster when skin is not nurtured with moisturizers from without and good nutrients from within. 

Enfuselle hand and body cream
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Apply an oil-rich moisturizer within a few minutes after showering so you can lock in the remaining moisture on the skin’s surface.

Learn the chemicals to avoid in your personal care products

Take good quality, natural supplements to feed your skin from the inside out too.

An added bonus to taking short, warm showers is that you will also be saving on energy since you won’t have to heat up so much water.

The energy savings means you will also nurture a healthy wallet as well as healthy skin. 

Now you and I both know that there is a lot more to solving your dry, cracked skin problem than changing your showering habits.

But this is just one simple tip to implement in your quest for good and healthy skin. Check out these seven tips for healthy skin. And I am a big advocate for skin brushing too (though it does make me feel like I am a horse when I brush myself). Have you tried skin brushing yet?

Your skin is your largest organ and you want to nourish it daily – from the outside and from the inside. Use these tips to solve your dry, cracked skin.

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Disclaimer: This post is my opinion and is not meant to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Check with your health professional for all your health concerns.