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Why do you suppose our pastor challenged us to learn a 10 digit number during our Adult Bible Fellowship class?

I’ll give you a hint for this faith lesson:

It has to do with what our minds are dwelling on . . . and how we learn!

There was a reason behind it.

When the class began, our pastor said “I’m going to give you some numbers I want you to remember and by the end of the class, I want to be able to call on anybody in here to recite that number to me. Now you are not allowed to write the number down” and he emphasized that very clearly.

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Then he proceeded to give us a 10 digit number.

He repeated it, had us repeat it, repeated it again, and had us repeat it. I think he did that three times.

And then, after just a little bit of saying a few more sentences, he called on a young person and ask him to give the number.

So he did.

He gave it correctly.

Then our pastor proceeded to teach the faith lesson. As he mentioned at the end of the class, probably a lot of people didn’t listen to the lesson because we were trying to remember that number in case he called on us!

Several times during the lesson he would call on someone to repeat the number which they did or didn’t do successfully.

Faith lesson about what your mind is dwelling onAt the very end of class he asked us what was the purpose of giving us those numbers to memorize?

Many of us can still say them – I can still say them now!

I put them so much into my mind; I wanted to be sure I could say them.

And he said the reason he did that was because that’s what sticks in our minds – repetition!

So when we really want to know the Lord’s Word, we need to be in the Bible more.

We need to have it saturating our minds.

We need to be reading it more.

We need to be memorizing more.

That really impacted me and now I’ve been reading my Bible much more – going over verses more because I really want that Word to be deep into my heart.

What is your mind dwelling on?

I hope it includes the Word of God!

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