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Learn this way to remember to take your vitamins.

I have one recurring thing that I hear from my friends and that is “I can’t remember to take my vitamins!”

Can you relate to that?

You have invested good money into quality vitamins that you know can truly help you have better health.

But you can’t seem to remember to take them!

Here is a quick video that gives you my sure fire way to remember to take your vitamins.

This is so simple! Just put your vitamins beside your toothbrush.

Check out this surprising way to remember to take your vitamins.When you go to brush your teeth, it will be a trigger for you – a way to remember to take your vitamins.

When you brush your teeth to be sure they are healthy and clean, be sure that you already have vitamins going down into your body to keep it healthy and clean!

Another challenge you might be having is getting your sweet children to take their vitamins. Here are six tips for getting kids to take their good vitamins.

When I have a client who tells me that she can’t remember to take her vitamins, I will tell her that I often hear this from people so it is a common problem. Then I jokingly say that “I know they don’t work if you don’t take them.”

Also, I realize that their belief system in how these vitamins are going to help them isn’t strong enough yet. After all, if your doctor told you that if you don’t take this certain pill every day at the same time each day, you will die, you would definitely remember to take that pill because you believe in its power to keep you alive! Right?

You have to have that same belief in your heart that these quality vitamins will help your long term health and vitality. Then, you will be faithful to take them.

But while you are establishing that belief, go ahead and use the trigger of brushing your teeth to establish your new great habit of taking these vitamins regularly.

After all, we only have one body to live in while on this earth. When it wears out, we can’t trade it in for a new one.

Take care of your body with an organic diet, exercise, sleep, handling stress well, nurturing loving relationship, AND taking your good, quality vitamins.