Welcome beautiful sisters (& a few confident brothers) who love the Lord!
One thing I love about being older – you and me, that is – is that we have had a lot of life experiences.
We think deeply on things.
Everything has more meaning to us because of where we have been. We are purposeful now – more so than before.
We want to be healthy – grow spiritually – make a difference on this earth.
Yes, you and I have the same perspective and desire for living our best life & pleasing our Lord.
Stop right now to sign up in the box provided for my delightful infographic called
“11 Warning Signs Your Must Not Ignore for your Best Health”
because our ability to make an impact on this earth depends on having the energy along with feeling great to do so. Agreed?
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I am known as the Vitamin Shepherd and I am passionate about helping you to take the next step toward a healthier life –whether that is in your health, your spiritual walk, your finances, or your impact on the world around you –

empowering you to make a difference while you cheer me on my path too.

In fact, I love to shepherd other women by sharing our stories and our lives – we have so much experience to draw from – 
and partner together to make a difference in the world.

Welcome to “The Vitamin Shepherd” where you just met your new best friend. I can’t wait to meet you! 

Sign up in the box below for my infographic on “11 Warning Signs You Must Not Ignore for your Best Health” and we will get connected.

Sharing the love,


The Vitamin Shepherd