Welcome Baby Boomer sister who loves the Lord!
As a woman who walks with God, have you ever had overpowering cravings when you know you should be fleeing from the sin of gluttony?
Or have you ever struggled to write the check for your tithe when the wedding expenses are piling up?
Do you know the pain of overwhelming sorrow at the death of a child from a sickness that seems to have been preventable?
Do you want to take all these life challenges, be victorious,  and make a difference in your world? 
I’ve been where you are –  munching on the chocolate while pushing the guilt to the back of the frig,
writing the check for our church with the wedding bills on the desk,
crying my eyes out when our little neighbor died of an asthma attack.
We’ve walked in the same shoes. On similar paths. Lots of experiences. Tears and joys.
You and I together can make a difference in this beautiful world God created.
God put us here for His purposes.
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I am known as the Vitamin Shepherd and I am passionate about helping you to take the next step toward a healthier life –whether that is in your health, your spiritual walk, your finances, or your impact on the world around you –

empowering you to make a difference while you cheer me on my path too.

In fact, I love to shepherd other women by sharing our stories and our lives – we have so much experience to draw from – 
and partner together to make a difference in the world.

Welcome to “The Vitamin Shepherd” where you just met your new best friend. I can’t wait to meet you! 

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Sharing the love,


The Vitamin Shepherd