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Check out the 5 reasons to use himalayan salt lamps for better health.Discovering Himalayan Salt Lamps

I’ve been doing a lot of research on getting harmful EMFs (radiation from computers, phones, etc) out of our homes and I made the lovely discovery of himalayan salt lamps.

Have you heard of their benefits?

They are a great way to clean your home air and add more negative ions to your environment.

Basically how they work is through the power of hygroscopy which means that they attract water molecules from the air around it and absorb them into the salt crystal. They also absorb any foreign particles that the air might be carrying!

Basically, as the himalayan salt lamp warms up with the heat produced by the light bulb inside, that same water evaporates back into the air but leaves the particles of dust, smoke, pollen, EMFs locked into the salt.

Discover how to get more energy

Here are the 5 main reasons I use a himalayan salt lamp:

1. Neutralizes electromagnetic radiation and other harmful positive ions in the environment.

2. Cleans and deodorizes the air.

3. Reduces pollen in the air thus helping allergies and breathing problems.

4. Improves ability to concentrate and work for longer periods as well as improved mood.

5. Easier to get to sleep at night.

My favorite lamp which is very reasonably priced is the Crystal Decor Dimmable HandCrafted natural Himalayan Salt Lamp on Wooden Base.

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But I have this one that is in a soft wire mesh basket [affiliate link] on my wish list for our living room.

Check them out when you have a minute.

Where to place Himalayan Salt Lamps for the Most Health Benefits

The best places for your salt lamp is quite close to where you spend a lot of time. That way you can breathe in the fresher air that it generates more directly.

Places to choose from are: bedrooms, office/cubicle, children’s rooms, main living areas.

It is not recommended to place your himalayan salt lamp in a bathroom or any humid room where large amounts of moisture are present.

It is also recommended that you place your salt lamp on a decorative plate or holder to avoid leaving marks on your furniture and to catch extra moisture that could be released when it is turned off.

The information is my own opinion so be sure to read the instructions that come with your lamp for all the manufacturers’ recommendations and guidelines for best use.

Finally, in addition to green living, a himalayan salt lamp adds a nice ambiance to a room too. 

Want a better home environment? Check out 5 reasons to use a himalayan salt lamp in the rooms of your home and office. This is green living and a way to help get the EMF radiation out of your home. Non-toxic environment is what we strive for and a himalayan salt lamp can help you achieve that.