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My mom’s arrival in heaven must have been really, really special!

If you knew her or have read some of my stories about her, you would agree with me that she was indeed a saint.

Amy with ill mother
Here I am with my Mom shortly before she died.

My mother wrote this poem on September 26th, 2003 and gave it to one of her sweet prayer partners, Gladys. Gladys gave it to her daughter, Marilyn, who works in China. When Marilyn was packing up to move back to the states with her husband, she found this poem and sent it to me.

Reading it gives me chills when I think of my sweet mom visualizing 11 years ago what an arrival in heaven might look and feel like; and then it actually took place as she entered glory herself. Here is what she wrote:

“Visitation in Heaven”

We watched . . .
The runner is finishing the lifelong race to Mount Zion that beautiful city of God,
Breathlessly awaiting abundant entrance into that Heavenly Jerusalem,
Awed by the sight of thousands upon thousands of angels gathered in joyful assembly with the church of the Firstborn~

woman running toward daughter to hug
This might be what it looked like when my Mom ran into Jesus’ arms! Here we are being reunited after my husband, children, and I returned from 4 years in Ghana.

Then ~ it’s Jesus Himself greeting him,
reaching out with loving hands and welcoming smile,
lifting up the weary worshiper fallen down before Him with love and grateful adoration.

We wonder . . .
(Our finite minds try to grasp that scene of Infinite Glory.)
Does he even move on down the line of dearest loved ones, friends, heroes of the faith who have gone before . . .
Greeting each one with smiles and praises and warm embraces . . .
From most recent arrivals to those who have been there long? . . .
From immediate family to those extended beyond? . . .
From ones known most intimately to those never met? . . .

hand-written poem on heaven
This is the hand-written poem my mom sent to her friend about arriving in heaven.

We know . . .
There’ll be no confusion, no more nervousness, uncomfortable self-consciousness, not knowing what to say.
Painful complexes that have haunted all our lives ~
fears, agonies over sin and missing the mark of God’s perfect love,
Coming so far short of His glory that we cannot bear the shame ~
All that will be utterly cast away in the Glory of his Presence.
The living, loving Lord Jesus Christ will prevail over every thought

And we’ll know . . .
His love,

His joy,

His peace.

His righteousness,

His goodness,

His Holiness.

We’ll be completely free and fulfilled ~
satisfied with His likeness!

To God be the glory!

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Written by Margaret Roth on this side of heaven, September 26th, 2003

Editor’s Note: Margaret Roth arrival in heaven happened on April 16th, 2014 when she entered the presence of her Lord.

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