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health benefits of skin brushing

Have you considered the healthy benefits of skin brushing?

When I first learned about the specific things we can do for healthy skin, I realized in a small way the benefits of skin brushing.  I bought a skin brush and would do skin brushing occasionally in the bath. I wasn’t too committed to doing it which actually means that I didn’t really believe the benefit was worth my time and effort.

That is no longer true. I now allow time to do dry skin brushing every day right before I bathe. The reason it is now part of my personal wellness program is because I’ve learned the benefits of brushing my skin regularly . . . and I believe they are true.

The skin, the largest organ of your body, is responsible for 1/4 of the body’s detoxification every day. It actually eliminates two pounds of waste acid daily. Check out the ultra detox bath recipe.

When the blood is full of toxic materials, it is the skin that will show this first.  The skin is the last to receive nutrients that it needs, yet the first to show signs of imbalance or deficiency!

All of that was enough information to make me cross the line of head knowledge about it (believing those are nice facts) and heart knowledge (actually choosing to incorporate skin brushing into my daily routine to reap the health benefits of skin brushing myself).

Here are the 8 health benefits of skin brushing I’ve learned:

1. Dry skin brushing helps the body eliminate cellulite.

2. It helps the skin to tighten.

3. It also works wonders when you’re losing weight (or have lost weight & are now dealing with saggy skin).

4. Brushing the skin while it is dry sloughs off dead cells, thus improving skin texture and cell renewal.

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5. It stimulates blood flow to the skin, which in turns helps the body to rid itself of toxic wastes.

6. Taking alfalfa supplements in conjunction with skin brushing helps the body detox even better.

7. Dry sking brushing also stimulates the lymphatic system and rejuvenates the nerve system by stimulating the nerve endings.

8. And finally, it eliminates clogged pores so that the skin can absorb nutrients better.

Easy Steps to Get Started with Skin Brushing

Want to know how to get started? Buy a stiff, natural body brush  [affiliate link]. If it seems too firm on dry skin, start with it wet and soapy in the shower or bath. Once the skin gets stronger, switch to dry brushing. Dry skin brushing will give stronger stimulation that your skin needs.

Use a prescribed sequence of hands, arms, chest, stomach – followed by feet, legs, buttocks – always brushing toward the heart in long strokes. For certain targeted areas (like upper thighs, stomach, buttocks) you can use circular motions, but always end with long strokes.)

You can watch the green smoothee girl’s opinion here on the “how to” for effective brushing. I personally use the T-Tapp version that I had to order. Either way will work, I’m sure.

The Finishing Touch After Skin Brushing

After I finish brushing, bathing, and drying off, I complete my skin health treatment by enfusing my skin with natural vitamins using Shaklee’s Enfuselle body lotion. See what all vitamins are included in Shaklee’s skin care products here.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be sure my skin care reflects my commitment to having a healthy body – and that, folks, now includes skin brushing.

Leave me a comment and let me  know if you have tried skin brushing and what your experience has been.
Here are 8 benefits of skin brushing for you to check out.

Remember that this blog post is my personal opinion and is not meant to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Contact your health professional for your medical concerns.

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