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love language of hands

Have you ever thought about how you are communicating love with your hands?

When was the last time you really studied your hands? I mean when did you really spend time examining them?

Want to know my theory about hands? My theory is that hands have their own language.

Hands are the Main Way You Interact with the World

Not a language of words, of course, but rather hands are the main way you interact with your world. With your hands you embrace life or push it away. Think about it: language involves speaking good words, hurtful words, neutral words, or no words. It is the same way with hands: they can communicate kindness and gentleness, or hatefulness and anger. Yes, I hands have a definite language.

Studying the Hands’ Appearance

Recently I took note of the appearance of my husband’s hands. He works in a metal fabrication shop so his hands are tough with small cuts in places and grease stains that seem impervious to cleansers. To me they speak highly of his strong work ethic and his commitment to provide for his family.

His hands have a tender side too as he hugs me and wipes away my tears when I cry. Those hands cradled our newborn babies and rescued fallen toddlers – a language of tenderness. His hands carried our daughter home after a bike crash – and years later gave her away on her wedding day – a language of dedication to the years of parenting. Those hands carried heavy sacks of grain to help feed war refugees when we were in Africa – a language of thinking of others more important than himself. Those hands wash the kitchen floor and change the oil in our cars – a language of serving those he loves.

communicating love
The Injured Hand

But a couple of years ago one of his hands was changed forever. He had an accident at his workplace and a piece of copper that he was lining up to go thru the shear machine decided to keep the tip of his right index finger with it. In one split second, my husband lost the tip of his finger.

The next hours are a bit of a blur – emergency room, sitting with his boss waiting, having our local daughter arrive, being called into the surgery room. The emotion swelled up within me as I saw him for the first time since the accident.

My hands reached out to tenderly touch him and his good hand responded. Three medical professionals were working on repairing his right hand while his left hand held mine tightly – communicating love, stability, and lack of fear to my very being that was totally shaken.

The Language of Your Hands Comes from the Heart

And then I knew there was nothing to worry about. Having a little less of an index finger wouldn’t change the language of those strong hands who communicate love and care to me. And you know what? I suspect that even if both hands were taken from him, it wouldn’t change the language behind them for that comes from the heart.

communicating love
What are your hands saying?

You see, hands are only a physical representation of what is inside of us. It’s the language of them that is important. Look at your hands again. What will you say with your hands today? Here are some suggestions for starters:

1. Write an encouraging note to a friend.

2. Give an unexpected hug to someone who needs it.

3. Drive a needy person to their appointment or to shop.

4. Touch the hair of a child in your life.

5. Carry a load for an elderly person.

Colossians 3:12 says “So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” (NASV) This verse explains exactly what should be behind communicating love. I mean, isn’t that exactly how we communicate compassion, kindness, gentleness, and patience – with our hands as well as with our words?

Yes, hands have their own language. How are your hands communicating love?