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Although there is a lot of information on the internet for body detoxification, you can work towards cleansing your body with some lifestyle changes.

Here are 14 natural tips for body detoxifcation:

1. Drink at least 2 quarts of water each day. One of the best ways to start body
detoxification is to drink purified water. Many people do not drink enough water and end
up paying for it with weight gain, headaches, and storing toxins in their body. Water is
the natural way to flush toxins out of your body.

Get more fiber to help with natural detoxification.2. Eat plenty of fiber, like brown rice and organically-grown fruits and vegetables.
When you are trying to body cleanse, you should eat foods that are high in vitamins and
minerals and low in fat. Beets, radishes, cabbage, broccoli, and spirulina are excellent
detoxifying foods. Eating at least seven fruits and vegetables a day will help you detoxify
your system. Other foods that you will want to add to your diet include fish, blueberries,
cranberries, and leafy greens. These all work towards making you healthier by providing
your body with nutrients that you need to maintain good health.

3. Cleanse you liver. Keep your liver high functioning by taking herbs such as
dandelion root, burdock, and milk thistle, and drinking green tea. I personally use
Shaklee’s Liver Detox.

4. Take extra Vitamin C. This helps the body produce a substance called glutathione
which is a compound that drives away toxins. Shaklee offers 500 mg sustained-release Vitamin C as well as Chewable Vitamin C.

5. Learn to breathe deeply to allow oxygen to circulate more freely throughout your

6. Practice stress-relieving tactics. Things like resting, laughing, changing your
thinking, and exercising are good stress-relievers. Many people today complain of stress
over work, home, or money. Stress can play havoc on your body and natural body
detoxification should try to eliminate stress as much as possible. Natural nutrients, like ashwagandha found in Stress Relief Complex, can also support a calm, relaxed state without causing drowsiness.

7. Try hydrotherapy. Take a hot shower for about five minutes, followed by cold water
for 30 seconds. Do this for three times in a row, and then get into bed for 30 minutes of

Take a sauna for natural body detoxification.8. Use a sauna to sweat so your body can eliminate some wastes through

9. Exercise daily – both cardio and muscle-building. Exercise is a natural way to not
only get in shape and burn calories, but also to sweat out toxins.

10. Try to get outdoors every day to breathe fresh air and feel the sun.

11. Take natural, whole food supplements. Quality supplements can also help you cleanse your
body. You should take a good multi-vitamin in order to naturally cleanse your body. This
will help you get the vitamins and minerals that you may be missing in your daily diet.

12. Take a detox bath. Here is a great recipe for it.

Before you get into your prepared bath, try dry skin brushing. This is a real enhancement
to helping your body detoxify. You want to brush the skin in upward motions always
toward the heart. This removes dead skin cells and increases lymphatic circulation. I do
this every night before my bath.

Now back to your ultra-bath. Light a candle and put on music too, if you are so inclined.
Get in and soak for twenty minutes. After soaking in your ultra-bath, rub a natural body
cream into your skin. I love the silky feel I get from using Enfuselle Hand & Body

13. Avoid negative behaviors like the plague. It stands to reason that you should
practice good health habits and avoid behaviors that lead to toxins entering your body.
Do not smoke, take drugs or drink alcohol. These are habits that are detrimental to your
health and should be avoided.

14. Try fasting for 24 hours regularly. Dr. Paul C. Bragg in his book, Apple Cider
Vinegar, recommends fasting for detox. He says that a well-planned, distilled water fast
can cleanse your body of excess mucus, old fecal matter, trapped cellular, non-food
wastes, and help to remove inorganic mineral deposits and sludge from inside your pipes
and joints.

Dr Bragg says that “during a fast, your body intuitively will decompose and burn
only substances and tissues that are damaged, diseased or unneeded, such as abscesses,
tumors, excess fat deposits, excess water and congestive wastes.” After a fast, your body
will begin to self-cleanse and healthfully rebalance itself. For more information on the
health benefits of fasting, check out his book Miracle of Fasting. [affiliate link]

Once you get into the habit of naturally cleansing your body, you will find that it not only
gets easier, but that you start to feel healthier and look better.

Your entire body will respond to natural body detoxification. It is not difficult to use body detoxification at
home once you understand how. When you start to see and feel the results, it even gets

Remember that you are given only one body to live in on this earth by God.

You want to care for it and body detoxification is one of the many ways you can ensure you accomplish having a healthy body.

Check out these 14 tips for natural body detoxification.